Peace to Mutants #1 – The Space Lady

One night I dreamt that I was in a theme park and the main attraction were the shapes of the clouds. Since I’m ingrained with the capitalist mindset, it was also embedded in my dream that people could order the shapes they wanted. Some people made love declarations, which was kind of neat and others asked for the clouds to be shaped like their heroes. A bunch of James Dean, Marilyn Monroe’s ensued. I vaguely remember a flavour. Strawberry jelly on almost burnt toast. Then I woke up and went to work. Do we dream enough? One of my heroes, The Space Lady, definitely thinks that we do not. And I tend to agree. 

“I had too much to dream last night

Too much to dream

I’m not ready to face the light”

One of the well known verses of Electric Prune’s classic. Reinterpreted by The Space Lady, the song reaches hypnotic waves, like if Hypnotoad was the conducter. ON THE STREET OF DREAMS was released in 2018 by Mississippi Records and features interpretations of beautiful classic songs like “Across the Universe”, “Oh Brave new world” and “I had too much to dream last night”, among others. The Space Lady reaches out to us from a land faraway when peace and harmony were imperatives.  


The Space Lady was born in Colorado in 1948 and has been producing songs (even though hiatus have been present) since then. More than a sensation and a feature on The Guardian as one of the most strangest albums on Spotify, The Space Lady’s music is a kingdom of its own, spacey, cosmic and an invented word like “outearthly” may apply. 

With a casio, The Space Lady creates melodies others would sell their soul to Lucifer to create. Stay on the white light, breathe, okay, casio melodies and an uncanny voice that can either sing “Humdinger” or a mesmerizing version of “Puttin’ on the ritz” (the first song I listened, yay). The Space Lady is with the good side of the force. 

Peace, love and harmony are not staples of the care bears or for emotional postcards on holiday season, they remain tenets of an age that is still here, shyly, and waiting for you to discover in The Space Lady. Enter the cosmic tranquillity of The Space Lady. 

E ainda:

Spectacular funky hip-hop from the 80’s. The group was led by Michael Jonzun and his brothers Maurice Starr, Sonny and Carl. The group was highly influenced by Afrika Bambaatta, they wore wigs like Mozart and dominated the electroboogie sound like bands such as Parliament. 

All the tracks are great and unique. Wonderful band that has yet to find its real listeners. The light green solid vynil is gorgeous. 

Interesting for fans of Daft Punk.

Elas was a portuguese due from the 1970’s formed by two sisters, Isabel and Paula Amora. They released a couple of poppy singles and this one features two songs. Rainha do Baile was a final song in the music contest Festival de Ourense and it’s a nicely wrapped 70’s song with very poppy and yet conservative arrangements. Fosse não fosse is much more of a ballad with romantic lyrics. It was released by the Alvorada label that was owned by Radio Triunfo.