Peace to mutants #11 — Twin Cosmos, William Parker, Kazuhiko Kato

Ethereal and mysterious can be two appropriate adjectives to describe the music of Twin Cosmos, a Japanese duo comprised of twin brothers Morihito& Yasuhito Ito. 

Born in 1953 in Yokkaichi, the twin brothers soon developed an interest in space travel and spirituality and their father, an electrician motivated Morihitoto build his musical equipment. He also found work in the instrument and audio section of a department store which enabled him to keep up to date with the latest technologies. The other twin, Yasuhito developed an interest in philosophy and the arts. He was particularly inspired by artists like Sun Ra and Jonh Cage and soon adopted a very DIY attitude. 

The album “Double action” was completed at Victor Studios in Japan. It was mostly distributed and sold to family and friends and remained obscure. Even though not achieving commercial success, the duo of twins continued to make music for over the past four decades. 

It’s an interesting and peculiar album, since each side belongs to one of the twins. Side A was recorded by Morihito. His compositions are lucid and luminous. An oneiric ambiance is created through the use of dreamy synths, gentle guitar strumming and flowing vocal harmonies.  Side B recorded by Yasuhito assumes a darker tone and some experimental leanings are shown. In the end, both sides complement each other for there can be no light without darkness.

William Parker – Mayan Space Station

Captivating and electrifying album by William Parker that defies  conventions and brings a new game to the table. Over his long and prolific career as a bassist and composer, William Parker has collaborated with a vast array of musicians, poets, singers, painters and other artists and in this album he collaborates with drummer Gerald Cleaver and guitarist Ava Mendoza, creating an energic power-trio. 

Mayan Space Station dares to explore and unleash new boundaries while still mainting melody and familiarity within jazz. 

Kazuhiko Kato – Belle excentrique

 Delicate and a bit transgressive synth-pop from Japan. Kazuhiko Kato was born in Japan in 1947 and was a record producer, songwriter and singer. He was a member of the Folk Crusaders and established himself in the music world during the 60’s. He also gained worlwide recognition with Sadistic Mika Band, a project he started with his first wife Mika Fukui. Afterwards, Kazuhiko started to collaborate with a stellar array of musicians, most from YMO (yellow magic orchestra) such as Akiko Yano, Kenji Omura and Hideki Matsutake.