Peace to Mutants #9 — Carm Mascarenhas, Betty Davis, Goblin

Carm Mascarenhas devoted his life to music. These words were once said by him: “Day by day I grew to love music more than anything else, and I found it to be my only source of joy and happiness,” which truly resonates in his music.

Born in the late 1940s in the Arossim in Goa, he grew up in Matharpacady where music became his true passion. Growing up in India in the late ’60s was not easy for an aspiring musician, and Carm lamented the lack of opportunities and encouragement, even though he still played western-inspired music with some of his friends, the closest to achieving success was from a solo career.

Before going on to become a solo artist, Carm and his friend formed a group called “The Easy Beats” that performed sunny pop songs. As a solo artist, he performed with a drummer accompanist which gave rise to his nickname “the lonesome viscount”, a rather mysterious and apt nickname once we listened to his first and only album, “Someday Soon”.

Carm passed away in 2003 in a drowning accident, but he is probably still making music in the high spheres.

E ainda:

Uncompromising and liberated funk vocalist and songwriter Betty Davis’s second album. An album way ahead of its time and filled with sexual empowerment, Betty Davis sings powerfully and has fun with it. Surrounded by talented musicians, all songs are excellent bangers, particularly “They say I’m different” and “He was a big freak”. Betty Davis holds power, passion and pride in her voice. It is a beatiful funk album that must be heard to be believed.

Wonderful and mysterious soundtrack for Dario Argento’s movie Profondo Rosso, a giallo psychological thriller. Originally recorded in 1975 through Cinevox Records, it was the band’s debut and features some of the more iconic and memorable compositions that fit the movie’s mood perfectly.

Goblin was formed in 1974 and has been crafting their own unique style. For this particular soundtrack, the band manages to mix progressive rock with some sophisticated jazz, classical and blues creating an unforgettable soundtrack.